Landskape 360

An all-in-one software solution designed for managing housing societies and real estate properties, enabling efficient maintenance tracking, financial management, and streamlined communication among residents and stakeholders.


Revolutionize your Real Estate Management

With our innovative software, you can revolutionize your real estate management. Our software is designed to provide a complete solution for managing all aspects of real estate operations, from property listings and sales to accounts and reporting. It offers advanced features such as:

  • Automated Processes
  • Real-time Data Tracking
  • Customizable Workflows
Core Modules

Streamline your Housing Society Operations

Plot Sales & Transfer

Our software is a comprehensive solution designed for managing plot sales and transfer records in the real estate industry. It allows for the efficient tracking and management of property transactions, ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
The software is equipped with advanced features such as automated contract generation, electronic signature capabilities, and real-time updates on transfer and registration status.


Accounts and Reporting

Landskape 360 is designed for managing accounts and reporting in the real estate industry. It allows for the efficient tracking and management of financial transactions, ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
The software is equipped with advanced features such as automated bookkeeping, financial reporting, and budget management capabilities. This enables real estate professionals to easily manage and monitor their financial performance, reducing the time and effort required to complete financial tasks.


HR Management

Our software offers an advanced HR management system designed specifically for the real estate industry. It allows real estate professionals to streamline their HR processes, from employee onboarding to performance management.
The software provides an efficient solution for managing employee records, tracking attendance, and managing payroll. With our software, you can easily manage employee benefits, create and manage schedules, and track performance goals. The system is designed to provide easy access to employee information, allowing you to monitor and manage employee productivity and satisfaction.


Access Control

Our software provides a powerful Access Control System that is designed to enhance security and control access to real estate properties. It offers a variety of advanced features, such as biometric identification, surveillance cameras integration, and customized access rules to ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific areas of a property.
Our Access Control System also allows real estate professionals to easily manage access credentials, such as key cards or PINs, and track their usage in real-time. By implementing our software, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access, theft, and other security breaches.


Effortlessly Manage your Property Operations

Effortlessly manage your property operations with our cutting-edge software solution. It allows you to easily manage tasks such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and lease management. With its intuitive interface and advanced automation capabilities, our software allows you to streamline your operations and save time.

Expenses and Income Control

Multi Purpose Monitoring Cell


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Our Customers Love


Wapda City Housing Society

Landscape 360 has transformed our real estate management experience. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface make property management tasks a breeze. With its robust analytics and reporting capabilities, we now have better insights to make informed decisions and optimize our operations.


Misaq Emporium

Since implementing Landscape 360, our team's efficiency has skyrocketed. The software's automated workflows and centralized data management have streamlined our day-to-day operations, saving us valuable time and effort. Our tenants love the convenience.


Misaq Ul Mall

We've been using Landscape 360 for our real estate management. The software's integration with our existing systems, coupled with its features like tenant management, and financial reporting, has significantly improved our operational efficiency.


Sukh Chayn Highrises

We couldn't be happier with Landscape 360. It has simplified our property management tasks, enhanced our communication with tenants, and provided valuable insights to optimize our portfolio. It's the ultimate solution for efficient real estate management.


Cosy Knock

Landscape 360 has given us complete control and transparency over our real estate investments. The software's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into our portfolio's.